Ebenhausen plant

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Ebenhausen plant
Community Baar-Ebenhausen

Coordinates 48° 41′ 36″ N, 11° 28′ 24″ O

Height: 372 m above sea level
Residents: 771 (31 Oct. 2020)[1]
Zip code: 85107
Area code: 08453

Ebenhausen-Werk is a district of the municipality of Baar-Ebenhausen in the Upper Bavarian district of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm.


The village can be reached via the federal highway 13. Mainly in the west there is settlement, in the east there is a larger industrial area. It is flowed through by the Paar and crossed by the railway line Munich-Treuchtlingen.


After the original military powder mill had been destroyed, it was decided in Munich in 1862 to build a new powder factory in the current district of Ebenhausen-Werk near the former Aidmühle. However, even this was not spared accidents. On August 9, 1865, the rolling mill, the second mill and, a short time later, the stamping mill exploded. Further explosions occurred on September 24, 1866 and May 9, 1867.

From 1914 to 1918, the powder factory was expanded into a large operation that at times employed up to 6,000 workers. But with the end of the First World War also came the end of the powder factory. The site lay idle, except for a few small operations, until a new powder factory was built there in 1938. In 1942, powder production began again, and by 1943 all buildings and equipment were in operation. A branch of the powder factory was located on the grounds of the concentration camp in Dachau before it was built.

After the end of the Second World War, all the factory buildings and also the large boiler house and the newly built water tower were destroyed by blasting.

Today, Ebenhausen-Werk is home to several larger companies, such as the Gesellschaft für Sondermüllbeseitigung in Bayern (GSB), as well as a variety of medium-sized and smaller firms in the paper, plastics, metal and wood processing sectors.

Ebenhausen-Werk was a district of the municipality Ebenhausen before it was merged with the municipality Baar to Baar-Ebenhausen in 1984.

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