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Domenico Sceberras, also Domenico Xiberras (born 20 December 1671 in Malta; † 25 July 1744[1]) was a religious of the Order of Malta, titular bishop and vicar-general of the Diocese of Malta.


His mother Maria Sceberras was from the noble Ligurian family of Ventimiglia.[2] Domenico Sceberras received priestly ordination on 5 February 1719.[3] He held the academic titles of Doctor iuris utriusque and Doctor theologiae. Sceberras became Archdeacon of the Cathedral of St. Paul, Commander of the Order of St. John, Apostolic Protonotary and Uditore of the Grand Master Marc’Antonio Zondadari[2]

As vicar-general, he accompanied Bishop Gaspare Gori Mancini to Rome,[2] where he was appointed titular bishop of Epiphania in Syria by Pope Benedict XIII on 1 October 1727. He was consecrated bishop personally by the Pope on 19 October of the same year; his co-consecrators were Camillo de Mari, Bishop of Aleria, and Domenico Rossi (Rosso e Colonna), Bishop of Catanzaro.[3]

After the death of Davide Cocco Palmieri, Bishop of Malta, Sceberras administered the diocese as capitular vicar until a new bishop, Gori Mancini, took office.[2]

He died at the age of 72 and was buried in the Franciscan Church of St Mary of Jesus in Valletta.[2]


Domenico Sceberras had Palazzo Parisio built on two adjoining plots of land in Valletta, which he had inherited from his mother.[4]

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