District of Bellavista (Jaén)

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Bellavista District
Der Distrikt Bellavista liegt im zentralen Osten der Provinz Jaén (rot markiert)
The Bellavista district is located in the central eastern part of the province of Jaén (marked in red)
Basic data
State Peru
Region Cajamarca
Province JaénTemplate:Infobox Administrative unit/Maintenance/Other
Seat Bellavista
Area 865 km²
Inhabitants 16.082 (2017)
Density 19 inhabitants per km²
Foundation 2.January 1857
ISO 3166-2 PE-CAJ
Website (Spanish)
Alcalde Distrital Willy Gunther Coronado Cisneros
Party Alianza Para El Progreso
Plaza de Armas in Bellavista

Plaza de Armas in Bellavista

Coordinates 5° 40′ S, 78° 41′ W

Pongo de Rentema at the Río Marañón; the mountains in the background are in the district of Bellavista

The Bellavista District is located in the province of Jaén, in the Cajamarca region of northern Peru. The district was founded on January 2, 1857. It has an area of 865 km². In the 2017 census, the population was 16,082. In 1993 the population was 16,908, in 2007 15,571. The seat of the district administration is the small town of Bellavista, 435 m above sea level, with 3023 inhabitants (as of 2017). Bellavista is located 15 km east-northeast of the provincial capital Jaén. In the west of the district near San Agustín is the airport Jaén.

Geographical position

The district of Bellavista is located in the central-eastern part of the province of Jaén. The river Quebrada Jaén crosses the south of the district in an easterly direction and flows near Bellavista into the Río Marañón, which flows to the northeast. The latter borders the district to the southeast. To the northeast, the district is bounded by the Río Chinchipe, and to the northwest by its right tributary, the Río Tabaconas.

The Bellavista district borders the districts of Jaén, Las Pirias, Huabal and San José del Alto to the west, and the districts of La Coipa, Chirinos and Huarango (all three in the province of San Ignacio) to the northwest, to the northeast by the district of Santa Rosa, to the extreme east by the district of Bagua (province of Bagua), to the southeast by the district of El Milagro (province of Utcubamba) and to the extreme south by the district of Choros (province of Cutervo).


In addition to the main town, there are the following larger towns in the district:

  • Ambato Tamborapo
  • Cruce de Shumba
  • Gramalotal
  • La Guayaba
  • Rosario de Chingama
  • San Agustin
  • San Juan del Puquio
  • San Lorenzo
  • San Pablo de Tocaquillo
  • Santa Cruz
  • Shumba Alto
  • Vista Alegre Chingama

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