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Dirk Konzer (* 26 March 1968) was a football player for BSG Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt, for whom he played briefly in 1989 in the GDR-Oberliga, the highest division of the GDR Football Association.

Athletic career

In 1983, at the age of 15, Konzer joined the junior football section of the company sports club (BSG) Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt. After completing his school education, he completed an apprenticeship as a locksmith. Just outgrown the junior age, he already played his first game for the BSG Stahl in the second-class GDR league in the season 1986/87. For the 1987/88 season, Konzer was officially nominated for the GDR league team as a defender and made twelve appearances in the 34 point games. In the 1988/89 season, the 1.76 m Konzer was again part of the GDR League team as a defender, but as a 20-year-old could not yet play his way into the regular team. It was only enough for 15 point game appearances, but he could score a goal.

Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt surprisingly finished the 1988/89 season as a promoted team in the GDR Oberliga. Konzer was part of the Oberliga squad, but had to wait until the ninth matchday for his first Oberliga appearance. In the match Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt – Hansa Rostock (1:1) on 28 October 1989, coach Günter Reinke used him over 90 minutes as a left winger. In the following two Oberliga matches, Konzer only made two short appearances as a substitute, after which his Oberliga career was already over. In 1990 Konzer left Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt, where he had played a total of 31 matches and scored one goal.

In 1990 and 1991 Konzer played for SV Preußen Frankfurt in the then fourth-class Verbandsliga Brandenburg. For the 1991/92 season, he joined third-tier amateur Oberliga club Frankfurter FC Viktoria. After he finished his career as a competitive athlete, he played until 2006 for many years at the district league club SV Blau-Weiß Turbine Lebus and helped out in between for a few games again at Eisenhüttenstädter FC Stahl, the successor of the former BSG Stahl. In 2011 he still played in the Ü-35 team of the Frankfurt FC Viktoria.


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