Diocese of Cabimas

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Diocese of Cabimas

Karte Bistum Cabimas
Basic data
State Venezuela
Metropolitan Bishopric Archdiocese of Maracaibo
Diocesan Bishop Ángel Francisco Caraballo Fermín
Emeritus diocesan bishop William Enrique Delgado Silva
Foundation 1965
Area 9345 km²
Parishes 48 (12/31/2014 / AP2016)
Inhabitants 995.000 (12/31/2014 / AP2016)
Catholics 892.000 (12/31/2014 / AP2016)
Share 89,6 %
Diocesan Priest 52 (12/31/2014 / AP2016)
Religious priest 6 (12/31/2014 / AP2016)
Catholics per priest 15.379
Friars 7 (12/31/2014 / AP2016)
Religious Sisters 12 (12/31/2014 / AP2016)
Rite Roman Rite
Liturgical language Spanish
Cathedral Catedral Nuestra Señora del Rosario

The Diocese of Cabimas (Latin: Dioecesis Cabimensis) is a Roman Catholic diocese located in Venezuela, with its seat in Cabimas

Cathedral in Cabimas


The Diocese of Cabimas was erected on July 23, 1965, by Pope Paul VI with the Apostolic Constitution Christianae familiae, from territorial cessions of the Diocese of Maracaibo.[1] On 7 July 1994, the Diocese of Cabimas ceded parts of its territory to create the Diocese of El Vigía-San Carlos del Zulia.

It was placed under the Archbishopric of Maracaibo as a suffragan bishopric.

Bishops of Cabimas

  • Constantino Maradei Donato, 1965-1969, then Bishop of Barcelona
  • Marco Tulio Ramírez Roa, 1970-1984, then Bishop of San Cristóbal de Venezuela
  • Roberto Lückert León, 1985-1993, then Bishop of Coro
  • Freddy Jesús Fuenmayor Suárez, 1994-2004, then Bishop of Los Teques
  • William Enrique Delgado Silva, 2005-2018
  • Ángel Francisco Caraballo Fermín since 2019

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Individual references

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