Dicranum elongatum

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Dicranum elongatum
Dicranum elongatum

Dicranum elongatum

Class: Bryopsida
Subclass: Dicranidae
Order: Dicranales
Family: Dicranaceae
Genre: Dicranum
Art: Dicranum elongatum
Scientific name
Dicranum elongatum
Schleich. ex Schwägr.

Dicranum elongatum, the elongated fork-tooth moss, is a species of moss in the Dicranaceae family

The moss grows in dense rhizoid felty pads and is characterized by about 3 to 4 mm large, erect, shiny leaves. The leaf tip is entire or finely serrated. The leaf vein ends in the leaf tip or emerges from it. The lamina cells are strongly dotted at the leaf base, the upper ones are roundish to square

The species has an arctic-alpine distribution and is very variable in stem and leaf length. It occurs in alpine locations on moderately acid humus in dwarf shrub heaths, on rocks and in bogs.


Blade cross section


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