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Emblem of Delfín

Delfín Tricycle

Delfín was a Spanish car brand from Barcelona.

Company history

Julio Fusté ‘s company Fábrica Española de Motocicletas y Triciclos began producing vans in 1956. Production ended in 1958. The data to the produced numbers of pieces vary between 20[1] and 50[2] Copies.


The vans were created under a license from New-Map. They were three-wheelers with the single wheel at the front. The single-cylinder engine with 197 cc displacement came from Hispano Villiers and was installed in the front of the vehicle. As the engine was larger than the engine in the New-Map, a different bonnet was used than on the original. Behind the front bench seat was an open load area that could be covered with a tarpaulin. The payload was 250 kg, the maximum speed 60 km/h.

Vehicles of this make can be seen in the Collecció d’Automòbils de Salvador Claret car museum in Sils and in the Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya in Terrassa.


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