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Dąbrowy-Działy führt kein Wappen
Dąbrowy-Działy (Polen)
Dąbrowy-Działy (53° 26′ 31,17″ N, 21° 24′ 22,38″O)
Basic data
State: Poland
Voivodeship: Warmia-Masuria
Powiat: Szczytno
Gmina: Rozogi
Geographical Location: 53° 27′ N, 21° 24′ ECoordinates 53° 26′ 31″ N, 21° 24′ 22″O
Zip code: 12-114[1]
Telephone area code: (+48) 89
License plate: NSZ
Economy and transport
Street: Dąbrowy/DK 53 → Dąbrowy-Działy
Railroad: no rail connection
Nearest int. airport: Gdansk

Dąbrowy-Działy is a small place in Polish Voivodeship Warmia-Masuria and belongs to Gmina Rozogi (rural community Friedrichshof) in Powiat Szczycieński ( Ortelsburg County).

Dąbrowy-Działy is located in the south-central part of Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship, 30 kilometres (12 mi) south-east of the regional capital Szczytno (GermanOrtelsburg). Until 1945 the settlement was located about two kilometres south of the border between Poland and the province of East Prussia of the German Reich. Today it lies one kilometre north of the border between the Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship and the Mazovia Voivodeship.

As a part of Rozogi County, Dąbrowy-Działy was assigned to Ostrołęka Voivodeship until 1998, since then to Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship.

Ecclesiastically, the village is incorporated into the Roman Catholic parish of Dąbrowy in the diocese of Łomża.

Dąbrowy-Działy can be reached via a side road, which branches off the national road 53 at Dąbrowy. Until 1961, Dąbrowy was also the nearest railway station and was located on the railway line Puppen-Myszyniec operated by the Ortelsburg Small Railway or Polish State Railway.

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