Cyrix Cx486DX4

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Cyrix Cx486DX4
Cyrix Cx486DX4.jpg
Cyrix Cx486DX4-100
Production: September 1995? until ?
Producer: Cyrix, IBM, ST Microelectronics and Texas Instruments
Processor clock: 75 MHz MHz to 120 MHz MHz
FSB clock: 25 MHz to 40 MHz
L1 cache size: 8 KiB
Command set: x86
Socket: Socket 3
Processor core name: M9

The Cx486DX4 was a microprocessor of the 80486 generation from the Cyrix company (Cx486) and roughly comparable to the Intel DX4. Like the latter, it had an internal clock tripling and was thus the direct successor of the Cx486DX2.

As usual with Cyrix, the Cx486DX4 was also sold as IBM (Blue Lightning) 486DX4, SGS-Thomson ST486DX4 and Texas Instruments TI486DX4. However, these processors did not differ from each other except for the name. In terms of sales names, the Cx486DX4 is Cyrix’s top seller along with the Cx486DX2 with their five names each.

Model data

  • Code name: M9
  • L1 cache: 8 KiB (unified)
  • L2-Cache: depending on the used mainboard resp. chipset
  • Socket 3 with a front side bus of 25 to 40 MHz
  • Operating voltage (VCore): 3.45 V
  • Publication date: September 1995
  • Manufacturing technology: 0.65 µm
  • Die size: ? mm² with 1.1 million transistors
  • Clock rates: 75, 100 and 120 MHz (ST Microelectronics)

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