Coppename Estuary Nature Reserve

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Coppename Estuary Nature Reserve

IUCN Category IV – Habitat/Species Management Area

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Location Saramacca, Suriname
Area 100 km²
Geographical position 5° 58′ N, 55° 44′ WCoordinates 5° 57′ 57″ N, 55° 43′ 56″ W
Coppename-Mündung-Naturschutzgebiet (Suriname)

Setup date 1966

The Coppename Estuary Nature Reserve is located in Suriname, in the district of Saramacca

The nature reserve was established in 1966 and covers a coastal strip approximately 1 km deep with an area of about 10,000 ha. This strip consists of mangrove forests and mud banks, east of the Coppename estuary.

This is the location of the Fowrunesi bird breeding colony (Sranantongo, translated: bird’s nest). The location of the roosting and breeding sites of Scarlet Ibis, eight species of herons and occasionally some Roseate Spoonbills has changed often in recent decades depending on the tide levels within the mangrove area.

The reserve is also interesting for its old and young parwabosses, black mangrove bushes (Avicennia germinans). Also within the area are the pile villages of Boromofo and Pralala, inhabited by fishermen, on the creeks of the same name.

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