Congregatio Discipulorum Domini

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Congregatio Discipulorum Domini(Congregation of the Disciples of the Lord, religious abbreviation CDD) is a religious community founded in 1927 in China in the legal form of a congregation under episcopal law. Its activities focus on pastoral care in East Asia.


The Congregation was founded on January 4, 1927 in the Xuanhua district of Zhangjiakou by Celso Costantini, who was Apostolic Delegate to China from 1922 to 1931. As a delegate, Costantini built up the mission in China and founded several schools, associations, parishes and a Catholic university. His concern was to promote the enculturation of the Christian faith in China, the aim of founding the Order was to support this by encouraging vocations of native Christians. On March 31, 1931, the community received diocesan approval from Bishop Peter Tcheng (Xuanhua Diocese). After the seizure of power by Mao Zedong in 1949, the headquarters of the community moved to Taipei

The spirituality of the Order is determined by devotion to the Eucharist and loyalty to the Holy See. It is directed by a Superior General, and the General Curia is located in the city of Taipei. The Congregation has expanded its activities in Asia and is now active in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and also in Canada, in addition to Taiwan, in the areas of religious education, pastoral care for brides and families, Mandarin-speaking migrants, ecclesiastical justice and public relations. In many cases, the priests are involved in parish chaplaincy. At the Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore, members of the Congregation are significantly involved in the Mandarin Department.[1]

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