Confessions of a woman

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German title Confessions of a Woman
Original title La vedova nera
Country of production Italy
Original language Italian,
Year of publication 1955
Length 95 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Lewis Milestone
Screenplay Giuseppe Mangione
Corrado Sofia
Lewis Stevens
Production John Nasht
Giorgio Venturini
Music Mario Nascimbene
Camera Arturo Gallea
Edited by Loris Bellero
  • Patricia Roc: Countess Diana Gastaldi
  • Massimo Serato: Vittorio Serra
  • Anna Maria Ferrero: Adriana
  • Leonardo Botta: Bonelli
  • Akim Tamiroff: Uncle

Confessions of a Woman (original title: La vedova nera) is a 1955 Italian film drama by U.S. director Lewis Milestone. The film’s screenplay is based on a novel by Susan York.


Countess Diana Gastaldi meets Vittorio Serra, the grandson of an entrepreneur. The widow of two is convinced that in Vittorio she has met the man of her life. Both love each other and spend a lot of time together, but both are bossy and self-centered. The enthusiastic racing driver Vittorio and the Countess suffer more and more often from quarrels and misunderstandings. They part peacefully, but are both convinced they cannot live without each other.

Diana wants to win Vittorio back over. That is why she invites him to a party she is hosting. Here Vittorio meets the young Adriana, who falls in love with him. Vittorio cannot decide between the two. Both Adriana and Diana become increasingly jealous. In order to calm down, Vittorio proposes to Adriana, but she refuses. Vittorio realizes that his true love is for the Countess. But Diana wants to take revenge on Adriana and Vittorio, as she feels betrayed by them. Diana breaks a vase in anger, which was important to the superstitious Vittorio.

Vittorio takes part in a car race with his friend and colleague Bonelli. He learns that Adriana has married Bonelli. Unhappy, Vittorio takes off his lucky bracelet. He is killed in the race. Diana has a premonition of the misfortune and learns of his death. Now she suffers from a broken heart and feels old.


The Encyclopedia of International Film describes the work as “a confused melodrama, elevated to meaningfulness by sustained gestures and screwed-dark words.”[1]

The Italian film portal ComingSoon wrote that the mere mention of Lewis Milestone’s name was not enough to cover the film’s many flaws. The story is too unoriginal.[2]


The premiere took place on August 1, 1955. In Germany, the film was first shown in cinemas on 26 March 1957.

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