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Legal form Incorporated
Foundation 1984
Seat Neihu, Taipei / Taiwan
Number of employees 30.667 (June 2006)
Industry Hardware manufacturer

Connect-Box from Compal

Compal company logo

The company’s headquarters.

Compal (Chinese .mw-parser-output

仁寶電腦股份有限公司, short Chinese仁寶電腦, PinyinRén Bǎo Diànnǎo) is a Taiwanese contract manufacturer founded in 1984. The company is headquartered in Taipei. The company’s shares are traded on the Taipei Stock Exchange under the symbol 2324.

Compal Electronics

Compal Electronics is a manufacturer of mobile computers and one of the ten largest Taiwanese companies ever. Compal produced, among others, the PowerBook G4 15.4 inch and the 17 inch PowerBook for the Californian computer manufacturer Apple as well as notebooks from Hewlett-Packard.

Since November 2015, Compal has been the main supplier of the high-speed cable router modem Connect-Box Compal CH7465LG for the German internet and cable TV operator Unitymedia, as well as Unitymedia’s low-cost brand Eazy, which has been part of Vodafone since its acquisition in 2019. The Connect-Box is also used by UPC Austria and UPC Switzerland.

Besides Compal produces the notebook models

  • Compal AL55
  • Compal CL50 (Similar to CL56, but still has a slot for SD cards.)
  • Compal CL51 (Was sold as Acer Travelmate 290. Graphics function is integrated in the Intel 855GM chipset)
  • Compal CL55 (Sold as Acer Travelmate 290E. Similar to CL51 but without FireWire and S-Video. Chipset Intel 852GM)
  • Compal CL56 (Sold as Acer Travelmate 290D and Extensa 290x. Chipset Intel 855M. Proprietary graphics card ATI Radeon 9200 or 9700)
  • Compal CY26
  • Compal GL30
  • Compal GL31
  • Compal EL80
  • Compal EL81
  • Compal FL90
  • Compal IFL90
  • Compal IFL91
  • Compal JHL90
  • Compal JHL91


  • Compal LA-1281 (was used in Acer Aspire 1200)
  • Compal LA-1682 (was used in Dell Inpiron 5150)
  • Compal LA-1684 (was used in Dell Inpiron 1150)
  • Compal LA-1691 (was used in Compaq_Evo N600c)
  • Compal LA-1701 Release 1.0 (Used in Compaq nx7000)
  • Compal LA-1701 Release 2.0 (Was used in Compaq nx7010)
  • Compal LA-1881 (Used in Acer Travelmate 290 and 290E (CL51) and Extensa 2900. All with Intel graphics chip)
  • Compal LA-1901 REV. A00 (Was installed in Dell Inpiron 8600)
  • Compal LA-1971 (Was used in Lenovo A500G – E600)
  • Compal LA-2171 (Was used in Dell Inpiron 9300)
  • Compal LA-2231 (Used in Acer TravelMate 290D (CL56) and Extensa 2900. Both for graphics card from ATI)
  • Compal LA-2362 (was used in Acer Aspire 3500)
  • Compal LA-2411 (was used in Acer TravelMate 2200)
  • Compal LA-2921P Rev. 4.0 (Used in Acer TravelMate 4230, 4260, 4280)
  • Compal LA-3081P (was used in Acer Aspire 3690)
  • Compal LA-3151P (was used in Acer Aspire 3100)
  • Compal LA-3211P (was used in Acer Aspire 3650 and TravelMate 2450)
  • Compal LA-3551P (Used in Acer Aspire 5315, 5720, 7720)
  • Compal LA-3581 (Used in Acer Aspire 5220, 5520, 7220, 7520)
  • Compal LA-4101P (was used in HP CQ40)
  • Compal LA-4031 (Used in Compaq PRESARIO C700)
  • Compal LA-4201P (Used in Acer Aspire 4330, 4730, 4930G)
  • Compal LA-4851P (Was used in Acer Emachines E525)
  • Compal LS-2766P (Used in Acer Aspire 5500)

which can be found under various brands (see individual notebook model).

Compal also manufactures PDAs. For example, the Palmax z720. The device is supposed to be identical with a PDA from Toshiba. It is not distributed in German-speaking countries.

Compal produced the following PDA models among others:

  • Compal PD-95
  • Compal PD-96
  • Compal PD-131
  • Compal PD-300
  • Compal PD-500
  • Compal PD-500C
  • Compal PD-600
  • Compal PD-600C
  • Compal PD-1000
  • Compal PD-1100

Compal also makes monitors.

Compal Communications Inc.

CCI Headquarters

The Compal subsidiary, Compal Communications Inc.(short Chinese華寶 通訊, CCI) is a major manufacturer of mobile phones. The phones are manufactured on the ODM basis, which means these mobile phones are also sold under other brand names. In 2006, CCI produced 68.8 million mobile phones and was the largest mobile phone ODM in the world. The biggest customer by far was Motorola.

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