Cölestin Teschler

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Cölestin Teschler (* 28 December 1681 as Anton Teschler; † 12 September 1718 in Wasserburg) was librarian of the monastery of St. Gall from 1711 to 1718.

Life and work

Father Cölestin came from Teschlihusen (Lömmenschwil). In 1693 he is attested in the monastery of St. Gall, where he made his profession on August 10, 1698. In 1703 he became subdeacon, in 1704 deacon. He was ordained priest on 29 May 1706, and was first ordained on 13 June of the same year.

Already as a friar Teschler was active in the monastery school as a lecturer for philosophy. From 1708 he lectured on theology, and from 1711 on canon law. In 1711 he was also appointed librarian. In this capacity he rendered outstanding services to the rescue of the library, whose holdings were endangered by the looting of the monastery during the Toggenburg War. After his return from exile, Father Cölestin endeavoured to rebuild the abbey library. He was held in high esteem by the population as a theologian and pastor.


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Predecessor Office Successor
Innocenz Müller Librarian of St. Gall
Bernhard Frank of Frankenberg