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Cleo Massey (born 19 November 1993 in Launceston City, Tasmania) is an Australian actress.


Cleo Massey is the daughter of Anna Waters-Massey and sister of Joey Massey, also both actors.


She co-starred with her mother in the 2006 short film Humidity Rising, and in the same year was cast in the television series H2O – Suddenly a Mermaid in the role of eleven-year-old Kim Sertori. Meanwhile, she took on smaller roles in My Embarrassing Parents and Monarch Cove. In 2008, she played the role of Aash Aaron in Vigilante and the role of the director in I.C.U.

Since 2010, Massey decided to pursue roles in short films following her mother’s lead. In 2015, she embarked on a career as a director, directing the television series Mums Stage.

Filmography (selection)

  • 2006: My Embarrassing Parents(Mortified, TV series, Episode 1×02)
  • 2006: Monarch Cove (TV series, 4 episodes)
  • 2006-2010: H₂O – Suddenly a Mermaid (H2O: Just Add Water, TV series, 40 episodes)
  • 2006: Humidity Rising
  • 2008: Vigilante
  • 2009: I.C.U.
  • 2010: The Little Things
  • 2018: Stage Mums (TV series, 8 episodes)

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