Clayton vehicle A

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Clayton vehicle A
Clayton-Fahrzeug A.jpg
Ship data
Flag German ReichDeutsches Kaiserreich German Reich
Ship type Steamship
Building yard Norddeutsche Maschinen- & Armaturenfabrik, Bremen
Construction number 9
Whereabouts unknown
Ship dimensions and crew
15.00 m (Lüa)
Wide 4,00 m
Draft max. 0,90 m
Displacement 30 t
Measurement 23 GRT
Machine system
Machine Steam Engine
Propeller 1

The Clayton vehicle A was a disinfection and fire-fighting vehicle in the colony of German East Africa.


Clayton apparatus of the Norddeutsche Maschinen- und Armaturenfabrik in Bremen

The Clayton vehicle A was built in Bremen in 1906 on behalf of the Colonial Department for the Dar es Salaam Port Authority as a disinfection and fire-fighting vehicle. It was equipped with a fire pump with a capacity of 150 tons of water per hour and a “Clayton apparatus type B”. In the apparatus sulphur was burnt to sulphur dioxide by means of blower air. After cooling, the combustion gases could be discharged into rooms by mechanical devices.[1] This process was used for sulphur fumigation on ships to destroy the breeding of mosquitoes and rats.[2] This was to combat the plague that was occurring in Dar es Salaam.[3] The floating Clayton apparatus of the companion named after him was used to fumigate ships or, if necessary, other possible breeding sites of the Anopheles mosquito accessible from the sea. The disinfection of a ship was carried out by order of the medical authority or the harbour doctor or by private request. The cost ranged from 30 to 275 rupees depending on the size of the vessel and the vessel spaces to be disinfected. The port authority was responsible for receiving the applications and the fees.[4]

At the end of 1906 the disinfection and fire-fighting vehicle was transferred to Dar es Salaam by the Princess of Germany.

His further whereabouts are not known.


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