Claudio Lodati

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Claudio Lodati (born 1954 in Turin) is an Italian jazz guitarist.

Claudio Lodati began his musical career in the mid-1970s with musicians of the Turin jazz scene such as Enrico Fazio, Carlo Actis Dato, Fiorenzo Sordini in the formation Art Studio. From 1983 to 1993 he worked with the formations Dac’Corda and Vocal Desires. He has performed at numerous Italian and international festivals and has also worked with Ellen Christi, Antonello Salis, Maria Pia De Vito, Fred Frith, HervĂ© Bourde, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Habib Faye, Bobby Zankel, Tristan Honsinger, Hans Reichel, Guido Mazzon, Radu Malfatti and Louis Sclavis.
Since 1988 he has been teaching jazz guitar at the Turin School of Music.

Discographical notes

  • Art Studio – The Complete CMC Sessions (Splas(c)h, 1978-85)
  • Dac’Corda – Corsari
  • Dac’Corda – “Chance” (Splas(c)h, 1990)
  • Lodati/Christi – “Dreamers” (Splas(c)h, 1990)
  • Vocal Desires – Express
  • Lodati solo – Secret


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