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Christine Heindl (* 17 November 1950 in Markt Sankt Martin) is a former Austrian politician (Greens) and vocational school teacher. Heindl was a member of the Austrian National Council from 1990 to 1994. Heindl is a vocational school teacher at the Eisenstadt Vocational School


Heindl was born in Markt Sankt Martin as the daughter of the car mechanic and car dealer Adolf Heindl. After attending the elementary school in Markt St. Martin and the secondary school in Stoob, she attended the commercial academy in Vienna and passed the Matura in 1970. She then attended the Vocational Pedagogical Academy in Vienna and studied pedagogy and political science at the University of Vienna for a few semesters. Heindl worked as an executive secretary and vocational school teacher. Since the end of her political career, Heindl has again worked as a vocational school teacher.[1]


Heindl was a member of the executive committee of the Green Education Workshop and for two years until 1987 was the executive director of the Green Alternative Burgenland. She represented the Greens in the National Council between 5 November 1990 and 6 November 1994. Heindl was family, women’s and education spokeswoman of the Green parliamentary club.[2][3][4] Heindl caused a stir when she breastfed her son during the swearing-in ceremony of the federal government, at which time children under the age of 14 were forbidden to enter the hall.[5] The uproar over this also attracted international attention.[6]


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