Cherry Ditch

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Cherry Ditch

Kirschengraben bei Altfeld an einem trockenen Frühlingstag.

Cherry ditch near Altfeld on a dry spring day.

Water body identification number DE: 245754
Location Bavaria

  • Lower Franconia
    • County Main-Spessart
River system Rhine
Drainage via Altfeld Trench → Main → Rhine → North Sea
Source northwest of Marktheidenfeld-Altfeld
49° 50′ 3″ N, 9° 32′ 43″ O
Source Height approx. 334m abovesealevel[1]
Mouth south-east of Altfeld into the Altfeld ditchCoordinates 49° 49′ 23″ N, 9° 33′ 54″ O
49° 49′ 23″ N, 9° 33′ 54″ O
Mouth height approx. 249m abovesealevel[1]
Height difference approx. 85 m
Bottom slope approx. 43 ‰
Length 2 km[2]

The Kirschengraben[3] is a nearly two-kilometre-long stream in the Lower Franconian district of Main-Spessart, which flows into the Altfelder Graben from the left, coming from a northwesterly direction.


The Kirschengraben rises in the Sandstein-Spessart in the natural area 141.2 Oberwittbacher Spessartvorland[4] on the territory of the district of
Marktheidenfeld district of Altfeld at an altitude of about 334 mabove sea level of an only intermittently water-bearing spring. The spring is located about 400 m northwest of Altfeld at the edge of the Eichholz forest between the Geschworenen Höhe[5] in the west and the Geiersberg in the east.

The strongly straightened brook flows almost to the last southeast, at the beginning parallel to the Roman road at the edge of the forest through a green zone and then through a sports ground, after which it reaches Altfeld and from there on almost to the mouth at its soft edge to the adjoining fields in the northeast. After crossing Garden Road it feeds a small pond. It crosses Märzstraße and then runs partly underground, now with individual houses also on the left bank, along the south-eastern tip of the village. The brook flows under the B 8 and is now accompanied south of the Seilershöhe by woods; on the right of this gallery now lie meadow properties of the houses stepping back for the first time further. The course of the brook bends slightly to the south-southeast on this section.

Soon after it falls for its last less than hundred meters into a little above and wooded Klingeneinschnitt. In it it finally flows southwest of Altfeld at a height of about 249 mabove sea level from the left into the Altfelder Graben approaching from the west , which can fall dry along its entire length before its lower course like itself.

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