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Charly Weller (self-portrait)

Charly Weller (* 9 October 1951 in Marburg) is a German director, author, musician and photographer.


After his youth in Gießen and Wetzlar, Weller worked as a photographer in Paris after graduating from high school. While studying law, theology and journalism at the FU Berlin, he gained his first experience as co-author and video cameraman of the ZDF documentary Vier Wochen ohne Fernsehen (awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize in 1975). In the early 1980s, Weller worked as an assistant director under Peter Fleischmann, followed by his first own productions such as Wetzlar ist nicht Washington (Kleines Fernsehspiel, ZDF), Der Kinzler, a short film about the Wetzlar original “Hakim Rex Aquarillo” and The Only Forgotten Take of Casablanca. This short film was awarded the Prix du Jury at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival.

Charly Weller had his breakthrough with the drama Schlammbeißer (awarded the Max-Ophüls-Förderpreis in 1991) and with Doberstein, a television film for ZDF (1993) with Hannelore Elsner and André Hennicke. After that followed about 50 productions for the TV series Ein Fall für zwei, Auf Achse, Im Namen des Gesetzes and Die Kommissarin ( again with Hannelore Elsner). In addition, Weller continued to direct low-budget film projects such as and was involved in various theatre productions in Frankfurt and Munich. He celebrated his novel debut in 2014 with Eulenkopf, which was nominated for the Friedrich-Glauser-Preis in 2015. The novel Finsterlohfollowed in 2015.

Today, Weller is the managing director of Mittelhessen TV GmbH, based in Gießen, and is active as a musician in the band Zuckerstein.

Since 2017, he has also been working as a lecturer for the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen.



  • 2014: Owl’s Head. KBV, ISBN 978-3-95441-197-9
  • 2015: Finsterloh. KBV, ISBN 978-3-95441-259-4
  • 2016: Cat King. KBV, ISBN 978-3-95441-323-2
  • 2017: Totenwind. KBV, ISBN 978-3-95441-388-1
  • 2018: Bonames. KBV, ISBN 978 -3-95441-434-5


  • 1974: Short film Der Kinzler
  • 1975: Television documentary Four Weeks Without Television
  • 1979: Documentary video game film Rucksackberliner
  • 1981: Small television play ZDF Wetzlar is not Washington
  • 1990: No-Budget Feature Film Mud Biter
  • 1992: Big television play ZDF Doberstein

Music CD

  • 2008: Waselebe with the group Zuckerstein

Prizes and awards

  • 1975: Adolf Grimme Prize for the documentary Four Weeks without Television
  • 1983: Prix du Jury at the Cannes International Film Festival for his short film The Only Forgotten Take of Casablanca
  • 1983: Golden Chaplin Shoe at the Figueira da Foz International Film Festival for his short film The Only Forgotten Take of Casablanca
  • 1991: Max-Ophüls-Förderpreis for his first feature film Schlammbeisser
  • 2015: Nomination for the Friedrich-Glauser-Preis for his crime thriller debut Eulenkopf

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