Charente (river)

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Course of the river

Water body code FR: R—0000
Location France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine region
River system Charente
Source in the commune of Chéronnac, department of Haute-Vienne
45° 45′ 21″ N, 0° 46′ 15″ E
Source Height approx. 308m[1]
Mouth at Rochefort into the Bay of Biscay, Atlantic OceanCoordinates 45° 57′ 15″ N, 1° 4′ 32″ W
45° 57′ 15″ N, 1° 4′ 32″ W
Mouth height 0 m[1]
Height difference approx. 308 m
Bottom slope approx. 0.81 ‰
Length 381 km[2]
Catchment area 9855 km²[2]
Flowing reservoirs Lac de Lavaud
Medium-sized towns Angoulême, Cognac, Saintes, Rochefort
Small towns Saint-Yrieix-sur-Charente, Jarnac, Tonnay-Charente
Shipbar from the mouth to Angoulême
Charente bei Tonnay

Charente by Tonnay

The Charente is a river in western France, running through the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. Its source is in the commune of Chéronnac. It first drains to the northwest, turns south at Civray and finally reaches Angoulême. There it turns west and flows past Jarnac and Cognac, roughly as far as Saintes. Finally, it flows northwest and enters the Atlantic Ocean below Rochefort on the Bay of Biscay. The mouth is located opposite the Île d’Oléron. The river is 381 kilometres long and navigable by boats for about 150 kilometres from the mouth to Angoulême. Below Saint-Savinien, it is already influenced by the tides and forms an estuary funnel. The Charente was once an important transport route for the famous French brandy, which is called Cognac after its origin. Today, the river is mainly used by tourists with sports boats and houseboats.

Departments crossed

  • Haute-Vienne
  • Vienne
  • Charente
  • Charente-Maritime


Left tributaries:

  • Moulde
  • Argent-Or
  • Son-Sonnette
  • Bonnieure
  • Touvre
  • Boème
  • Seugne
  • Arnoult

Right tributaries:

  • Transon
  • Péruse
  • Bief
  • Aume
  • Nouère
  • Soloire
  • Antenna
  • Bramerite
  • Boutonne
  • Motto

Places on the river

  • Chéronnac
  • Roumazières-Loubert
  • Alloue
  • Charroux
  • Civray
  • Ruffec
  • Verteuil-sur-Charente
  • Mansle
  • Montignac-Charente
  • Saint-Yrieix-sur-Charente
  • Angoulême
  • Nersac
  • Châteauneuf-sur-Charente
  • Jarnac
  • Cognac
  • Saintes
  • Tonnay-Charente
  • Rochefort
  • Fouras

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