Carl Achenbach

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Carl Achenbach (also Karl; * 14 June 1881 in Duisburg; † 22 February 1961 in Kassel) was a German painter and photographer.


The photomontage from 1924 of the flight under the Fulda bridge in Kassel by Carl Achenbach

Carl Achenbach was the successor of Kaiser Wilhelm’s court photographer Oscar Tellgmann. His photomontage of the flight through the Kassel Fulda Bridge by pilot Kurt Katzenstein in November 1924 was marvelled at by the worldwide press.
The painter created views of Kassel, landscapes near Harle and motifs of the Schwalm. He painted nudes and depictions of animals in oils and watercolors. Carl Achenbach was married to Mary Achenbach and lived in Kassel until his death.


  • 1944: Gau exhibition of artists from Kurhessen[1] Kunstverein Kassel, Ballhaus Kassel

Works in collections

  • New Gallery Kassel


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