Cape Lindsey

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Cape Lindsey
Elephant map.png
Map of Elephant Island with Cape Lindsey (left)
Geographical position
Kap Lindsey (Südliche Shetlandinseln)
Kap Lindsey
Coordinates 61° 6′ S, 55° 29′ WCoordinates 61° 6′ S, 55° 29′ W
Location Elephant Island (South Shetland Islands)
Waters Drake Passage
Waters 2 Rodman Cove

Cape Lindsey is a cape at the western end of Elephant Island in the South Shetland archipelago. It marks the northern boundary of Rodman Cove.

The name of the cape first appears on a map from 1822, based on the mapping of the British sealers’ captain George Powell. The further naming background is not handed down.

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