Canton Breitenbach

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Kingdom of Westphalia
Canton Breitenbach
Department Department of the Werra
District District Hersfeld
Main town of the canton Breitenbach am Herzberg
Area 1.81 square miles
Inhabitants 2.800
Villages and hamlets 13
Cities 0

The Canton of Breitenbach was an administrative unit in the Hersfeld District of the Department of the Werra in the Napoleonic Kingdom of Westphalia. The main town of the canton and seat of the Peace Court was the village of Breitenbach am Herzberg in the present-day district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg. The canton comprised 13 villages and hamlets,[1]most of which had previously belonged to the court of Breitenbach, had 2,800 inhabitants and an area of 1.81 square miles.[2]

The canton included the villages

  • Breitenbach am Herzberg with Gibcheshof
  • Berfa
  • Gehau with Hof Huhnstadt and Herzberg Castle
  • Hatterode with oak tree
  • Lingelbach
  • Powerless
  • Lower Jossa
  • Oberjossa with Ottersbach farm

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