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The Trovoada II Cabinet is the 14th Government of São Tomé and Príncipe, in Portuguese the XIV Governo Constitucional de São Tomé e Príncipe. It is the second government formed under Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada in the African island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe, after the previous coalition of MLSTP-PCD, as well as MDFM suffered heavy losses in the 2010 general elections and could not agree on a continuation of the coalition.

Trovoada formed a minority ADI government, which was appointed on 13 August and sworn in on 14 August. Trovoada’s second cabinet included some independents, such as the non-party diplomat Manuel Salvador dos Ramos as foreign minister.

Distribution of seats in the Assembleia Nacional 2010
Government coalition Mandates

After a first vote of no confidence in July 2012 was rejected due to formal errors by Evaristo Carvalho, as President of the Assembleia Nacional, he resigned from his post in a second vote of no confidence on 21 November 2012, so that only after the election of a new President of the Assembleia Nacional could the vote of no confidence on 28 November 2012 be dealt with, which toppled the minority government of the ADI.

On 4 December, Trovoada and his cabinet were removed from office by President Manuel Pinto da Costa, and former Prime Minister Gabriel Arcanjo da Costa was charged with forming a new government, uniting the entire opposition in his new cabinet.

The cabinet included the following ministers:

XIV Governo Constitucional de São Tomé e Príncipe
Party Office Incumbent
ADI Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada
FDI? Minister for Defence and Home Affairs Carlos Olímpio Stock
FDI? Minister of Education Abnildo d’Oliveira
Unabh. Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Manuel Salvador dos Ramos
ADI Minister for Health and Social Affairs Ângela dos Santos José da Costa Pinheiro
FDI? Minister for Justice and State Reform Elísio Teixeira
FDI? Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Devolution Arlindo Ramos
FDI? Minister for Public Works and Mineral Resources Carlos Vila Nova
FDI? Minister of Finance Américo dos Ramos
FDI? Minister for Planning and Development Agostinho Quaresma dos Santos Fernandes

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