Bürgelstraße 1, 2 (Magdeburg)

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Bürgelstraße, view from the west

Bürgelstraße 1, 2 is the designation used in the local register of monuments for a listed street in Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt.


The street, which is only short, is located in Magdeburg’s old town and connects Hegelstraße to the west with Schleinufer to the east. The listed area includes the houses Bürgelstraße 1 and 2, which are designated as individual monuments. The development of the street is only on its south side, on the north side lies the site of the Palais am Fürstenwall.

Architecture and history

The street was created in the course of a city expansion of the years 1869/70 after parts of the fortress Magdeburg had been abandoned and areas west and south of the old town were redeveloped. It was initially named Yorckstraße and was built on its southern side in the form of a perimeter block development with representative and upper middle-class residential buildings.

In its function as a boundary for the north-western square-like extension of Hegelstrasse in front of the Palais am Fürstenwall, the street is considered to be particularly significant in terms of urban development.

The street line is listed as a heritage area in the local heritage register under record number 094 18281.[1]


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