Bundesinteressenvertretung schwuler Senioren

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The Bundesinteressenvertretung schwuler Senioren e.V. (short BISS) is a nationwide professional association for the interests and self-help of older gays. Membership is open to non-profit organizations and groups as well as supporting individual members. The association includes organisations from the field of gay senior citizen work, education and AIDS work as well as committed personalities from the gay emancipation movement, including the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe, the Magnus Hirschfeld Centre Hamburg and the Waldschlösschen Academy Foundation.[1][2]


The advocacy group was founded on July 1, 2015, especially against the background of the pending rehabilitation and compensation of victims under § 175 StGB.[3][4][5] The main tasks include the networking of gay senior groups and associations of gay self-help as well as political lobbying to strengthen the participation of older gays.[6]

State Secretary Ralf Kleindiek from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) clarified the importance of the issues supported by BISS in a speech at the BISS annual conference in November 2016 and assured BISS of the federal government’s support.[7]

The BMFSFJ has funded BISS to date as follows:[8]

  • 2015: 49,817 euros
  • 2016: 70,973 Euro
  • 2017: 50 000 euro

Projects and topics

  • Compensation and rehabilitation of victims of § 175 after 1945:
With the campaign “Offene Rechnung”[9] and an open letter to Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas, the Bundesinteressenvertretung schwuler Senioren e. V. (Federal Interest Group of Gay Seniors) urged in 2016 the rehabilitation and compensation of gay men who were convicted under § 175 (Federal Republic) or § 151 (GDR). In a statement requested by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection on the draft bill of the Rehabilitation Act, BISS supported the demands for compensation and rehabilitation.[10]
  • Participation and sharing:
Politics, administration and associations should be called upon to take into account the concerns of groups that have been poorly represented up to now, including gay men. The special life paths of older gay men should be taken into account and precarious life situations such as poverty in old age, loneliness, illness and loss or restriction of mobility should be considered.
  • HIV and AIDS:
In order to represent the interests of older gay men, BISS has been given a seat on the specialist working group “Gay Men and Other MSM” of the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e. V. (German AIDS Aid Association).
  • Care and supply:
BISS supports the expansion of culturally sensitive services for gay men in open, outpatient and inpatient care for the elderly.[11]

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