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Buddy Schutz (real name Adolph Schutz, b. November 23, 1914; † February 24, 2007[1]) was an American jazz drummer of the swing era and photographer.[2]

Life and work

Schutz, who was a professional musician from 1934,[2] first worked in various bands, such as the California Ramblers, with whom he made his first recordings, and also with Charlie Barnet, Frank Froeba, and Vincent Lopez,[3] before joining Benny Goodman’s orchestra in 1938. From 1939 to 1944 he played with Jimmy Dorsey; due to his skill and popularity, he was an endorser for the Ludwig drum company. After the big band era ended, he led his own band in Los Angeles.[4] In 1952 he was part of Artie Shaw’s Gramercy Five and participated in their recordings with Connee Boswell. In jazz, he was involved in 147 recording sessions between 1937 and 1952.[5] He also worked as a photographer, making portraits of film actors and musicians.[2] His photo collection has been housed at the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University in Newark since 2007.[6]

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