Buchholz (Bedburg)

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Location of the former village of Buchholz and the resettlement site Bedburg-West in the Rhenish lignite mining area

Saint Anthony’s Chapel at the resettlement site

Buchholz was a district of Bedburg in the Rhine-Erft district in North Rhine-Westphalia. The village was relocated to Bedburg-West in 1982 along with several other smaller villages to make way for the Fortuna-Garsdorf open pit mine and was subsequently dredged.

Buchholz was the location of the Saint Anthony Chapel, which was also built at the resettlement site in Bedburg-West. For a long time there was also a one-class village school in the village, where Jakob Heinen, the father of the priest and adult educator Anton Heinen, after whom many schools are also named today, went to school

In Morken-Harff (new) near Kaster a total of 5 resettlers from Belmen, Winkelheim and Buchholz were counted.[1]

Today, the new village is commemorated by the Antonius Chapel, a memorial plaque and Buchholzerstrasse. At last count there were 83 present in the old village. The village originally had 349 inhabitants until the resettlement.

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Coordinates 51° 0′ 47″ N, 6° 35′ 49″ E