Broken Islands (Hauraki Gulf)

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The Broken Islands
Waters Hauraki Gulf
Geographical position 36° 13′ S, 175° 18′ OCoordinates 36° 13′ S, 175° 18′ O
Broken Islands (Hauraki Gulf) (Neuseeland)
Broken Islands (Hauraki Gulf)

Number of islands 6
Main island Rangiahua Island
(Flat Island)
Total land area 130 ha
Inhabitants uninhabited

The Broken Islandsalso known as Pig Islands, are a group of islands on the southwest side of Great Barrier Island in the north of the North Island of New Zealand.[1]


The archipelago, listed from west to east and from north to south from the islands of

  • Motutaiko Iceland – 20 ha,
  • Papakuri Island – 0.36 ha,
  • Rangiahua Island(Flat Island) – 61 ha,
  • Mahuki Island(Anvil Island) – 45 ha,
  • Little Mahuki Island – 2.3 ha, and

a small island south of Mahuki Island, 1.3 ha in size, is located southwest adjacent to Great Barrier Island.[2]

Rangiahua Island, the largest and with a length of about 1.5 km, the longest island of the group, is closest to Great Barrier Island at a distance of about 300 m (1,000 ft). Motutaiko Island is the highest island at 105 m and Rangiahua Island of the three largest islands is the flattest island at just over 40 m for its size, which is why it is also called Flat Island. The distances between the islands of Broken Islands, which are lined up in an arc, vary between 20 m and a maximum of 180 m.[3]

The Junction Islands group of islands – 9.83 ha, consisting of 4 islands and rising only about 565 m to the east, is no longer included in Broken Islands.[2]


The islands Rangiahua Island and Little Mahuki Island are inhabited.

Flora and fauna

Except for Mahuki Island, all other islands are very sparsely covered with trees. Mahuki Island, on the other hand, has larger areas of forest and scrubland. Rangiahua Island and Little Mahuki Island are used for agriculture.

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