Britta (TV drama)

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Original title Britta
Country of production Germany
Original language German
Year of publication 1977
Length 181 minutes
Directed by Berengar Pfahl
Script Berengar Pfahl
Production Berengar Pfahl; North German Broadcasting Corporation
Camera Klaus Möller
Edited by Annemarie Bremer
  • Verena Plangger: Britta
  • Hinnerk Jensen: Boris
  • Ulrike Kriener: Sigrid
  • Katharina Matz: Mother
  • Günther Amberger: Father

Britta is a two-part television film made by director and author Berengar Pfahl in cooperation with the youth program of the NDR. The two parts were first broadcast on 9 October 1977 and 1 February 1978 on ARD.

The central theme of the film is the unwanted pregnancy of 19-year-old Britta, played by Verena Plangger, and her relationship with Bundeswehr soldier Boris, of the same age, played by Hinnerk Jensen. Berengar Pfahl filmed mainly with amateur actors and drama students in East Frisia and Dithmarschen.


Britta is a railway employee in Harlesiel and spends part of her free time with her friend Sigrid. Through her, Britta also gets to know Boris, who is involved with Sigrid and spins records in a discotheque on weekends. Boris is currently doing his military service and wants to join the Bundeswehr for four years. Britta is not very interested in Boris at first, but he follows her to Spain on his vintage motorbike, where she is on holiday. There they spend a night together and Britta becomes pregnant unintentionally. Boris then loses interest, doesn’t want to commit himself and gets himself transferred to a far away place. Only when Britta gives birth to the child does Boris change his mind and wants to marry. However, Britta, who is also being courted by Georg in the meantime, no longer wants to enter into a firm relationship and raise her child without a partner.


The plot continues in another two-parter titled Neues von Britta, which was first broadcast on German television on 26 June 1985. Once again, Berengar Pfahl was responsible for the script and direction.[1]


Berengar Pfahl chose Ice Dream No. 0 by the group Jeronimo from their album Time Ride as the title tune. Lyrics and music of the song were written by Ringo Funk.

Criticism and reception

“From the precise dialogues and the careful direction of these young amateur actors and actresses, filmmaker Pfahl’s extraordinary talent for staging an everyday event in a way that is as realistic as it is unsentimental becomes apparent. Here, feelings and gestures, ways of acting and milieu are right down to the last detail, youth is not celebrated, but truly lived with all its contradictions and questions.”

Heike Mundzeck [2]

DVD release.

The TV film was released on DVD on 18 June 2010 by the ARD Video label with an FSK age rating from 12 years. Also included is the sequel Neues von Britta. Together, the two films have a total running time of 377 minutes.

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