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City of Langelsheim
Wappen von Bredelem

Coordinates 51° 58′ 23″ N, 10° 21′ 16″ O

Height: 179 m above sea level
Residents: 481 (Jun30, 2018)[1]
Incorporation: 1.July 1972
Zip code: 38685
Area code: 05326
Bredelem (Niedersachsen)

Location of Bredelem in Lower Saxony

Ev.-luth. St.-Matthäus-Kirche in Bredelem
Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Matthew in Bredelem

The village of Bredelem is located on the edge of the Harz Mountains in the district of Goslar and is part of the town of Langelsheim. The meaning of the name is not clear: According to Casemir and Ohainski[2] it is to be understood as a “broad settlement” or a “settlement at a broad (arable) area” (bred = broad or width; -heim or -hēm = settlement).

Local breakdown

The district Palandsmühle belongs to Bredelem. Parts of the deserted villages “Dolgen” and “Mittelharingen” as well as of an outlying estate of the Liebenburg domain – the Haarhof – which was dissolved in the 19th century, also belong to the field mark. In the Sölterswinkel, an agricultural resettlement farm with restoration existed from about 1920, which was abandoned again in the second half of the same century.


Bredelem was first mentioned in 1147 as Bredenheim or Brethenehim[2] mentioned in a document. As the first inhabitant – also in 1147 – Guntherus de Bredenheim is mentioned by name[2].

Situated to the left of the course of the Innerste, the fertile soils on the banks of the river were probably the basis of the settlement. The area of the present village was settled much earlier.

According to Thielemann, the ending “heim” indicates a pre-Frankish settlement in the period of origin between 531 A.D. and 800 A.D[3].

In 1830 a fire almost completely destroyed the village. When it was rebuilt, it was laid out more generously to counteract similar disasters in the future with wider paths and roads.

During World War II, a field airfield was operated on Haar[4]. The airfield was attached to the airbase Goslar. The air base later operated a training area in the immediate vicinity. Today the training area is a nature reserve.

Bredelem was incorporated into the town of Langelsheim on 1 July 1972 on the occasion of the Lower Saxony territorial reform.[5]


  • Friedrich Behme (* 29. December 1870 in Bredelem; † 1958 Goslar), lawyer, geologist, local historian, photographer, author of various travel and geology guides, e.g. “Naturwissenschaftlicher Führer durch die Umgebung der Stadt Goslar am Harz” from 1894.
  • Brigitte Scherb (born 14 July 1954 in Dennhausen) is a German lawyer and was President of the German Rural Women’s Association (dlv) from 2007 to 2019.


Local Council Election[6]
Voter turnout: 58.48%
(2011: 66.27%)
62,15 %
37,84 %
compared to 2011
+6,35 %p
−6,36 %p
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Local Council

Since the local election on 11 September 2016, the composition of the local council is as follows (changes from 2011):

  • SPD: 3 seats (±0)
  • CDU: 2 seats (±0)

Local Mayor

The mayor of the village is Wilhelm Wedde (CDU).

Culture and sights

  • The almost 17 m long barrow found in 1959, the Bredelem gallery grave, is a megalithic site from the Neolithic period that is around 5000 years old.
  • St. Matthew’s Church was built in 1846 to 1847 on the site of the then demolished predecessor building as a flat-roofed hall building with a west tower. Some remains of the previous building are still preserved in the present church.
  • In 1847/48 Philipp Furtwängler built his twelfth organ in the church; today it resounds again in its restored original condition.
  • The landscape is characterised by three nature reserves: Appelhorn, Schlackenhalde Bredelem and Mittleres Innerstetal with Kantstein.


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Web links

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