Bob Helm

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Bob Helm (born July 18, 1914 in Fairmead, California; † 2003) was an American clarinetist and saxophonist of Dixieland jazz.

Bob Helm was a veteran of the California revival scene; he worked with Lu Watters around 1940 and with trombonist Turk Murphy from the mid-1940s. He also later led his own formation, Bob Helm’s Riverside Roustabouts, with which, however, only a few recordings were made between 1957 and 1988; it was not until the 1990s that Helm recorded a few albums, some with Carol Ann Leigh, for the Stomp Off label. Bob Helm also participated in recordings by Chris Tyle’s New Orleans Rover Boys (19891), Jacques Gauthé’s band YerbaBuesta Style in 1994, and the South Frisco Jazz Band (1984 and 1989).

Discographical notes

  • Lu Watters and the Yerba Buena Jazz Band: On the Air (Good Time Jazz)
  • Turk Murphy: San Francisco Jazz (Good Time Jazz, 1949/50)
  • Hotter than That (Stomp Off, 1994-95) with Ted Des Plantes
  • Ma ‘N’ Bessie’s Greater Tent Show Act 1 & 2 (Stomp Off, 1994-97)


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