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Community Bad Sassendorf
Wappen von Beusingsen

Coordinates 51° 32′ 47″ N, 8° 10′ 38″ E

Height: 162 m
Incorporation: 1.July 1969
Zip code: 59505
Area code: 02927

Beusingsen is a district of Bad Sassendorf in the district of Soest in North Rhine-Westphalia.


The village lies in the extreme south of the municipality of Bad Sassendorf, about 5 km southeast of the centre of the district town of Soest. The single settlement Sieplinghof belongs to Beusingsen

Several streets of the village are lined with quarry stone walls, which characterize the village. The top of the wall is mostly overgrown with a hedge of hawthorn, elder, privet or arborvitae. The church or lime tree square represents a creative centre of Beusingsen. At the Sieplingshof in the south of the village there are larger wooded areas. Hedges and orchards are the habitat of the fauna there


Before the municipal reorganization the place belonged to the office Lohne.

Since the development of the old village centre, its basic structure and extent has changed only insignificantly. New residential buildings have been erected in the courtyards in isolated cases, but no new development areas have been implemented.

On 1 July 1969, Beusingsen was incorporated into Bad Sassendorf.[1]


Coat of arms

Blazon: “Growing in silver from a three-row brick green shield base are two outward-bending leafy green hawthorn branches with red fruit.”

On the initiative of the committee for school, culture and sport of the municipality of Bad Sassendorf, a local coat of arms was donated for Beusingsen in consultation with the population, which was certified by the HEROLD and entered into the German local coat of arms register on 15 March 2013 under registration number 18NW. This coat of arms is used by the head of the village, by clubs, associations etc. as a symbol of the local identity outside of official acts, according to a right of disposal granted by the founder. Designer of the coat of arms is the communal heraldist Jörg Mantzsch, who led it to the certification.

Economy and infrastructure

Today, Beusingsen is a partly agricultural residential community. The economic structure has hardly changed in recent years. While there were still 20 farms in the early 1960s, most of them were abandoned towards the end of the decade.

About one kilometre north of Beusingsen is a junction of the federal motorway 44.

Individual references

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