Beuren (Ilsfeld)

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Beuren is a deserted village in the district of Ilsfeld in the district of Heilbronn in northern Baden-Württemberg.


Beuren is located in the west of the district of Ilsfeld. The former village of Beuren was located on the right bank of the Schozach on a hill at the end of the Steinhäldeweg, the parcel extended in the angle between the connecting roads from Ilsfeld to Schozach and Neckarwestheim.


Around Ilsfeld there are a total of ten total village deserts, which were probably settled at the time of the Alamanni. Village-like settlements developed there from individual farmsteads. The associated marker usually comprised three zelgen with a total of 800 acres of land on average, which were sufficient to feed about 100 to 200 people. These settlements were mostly abandoned again by the 14th century; five of them were absorbed into Ilsfeld, where there was a manor house

Beuren already appears in the oldest sources from the 15th century only as a field name and was probably already abandoned as a place at that time. The Zelgen Beuren were called: Lauffener Feld (today: Beurenfeld), Nußgrund and Dietersberg. The Hürbelbach, which flows into the Schozach near Beuren, has been artificially diverted for a long time. This diversion could have originated from the time of the village of Beuren and could have served to drive a mill. After the dissolution of the village, the Beurens demesne was absorbed into the demesne of Ilsfeld.


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Coordinates 49° 3′ 33.4″ N, 9° 13′ 27.7″ E