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Bernhard Klamroth (* November 20, 1910 in Berlin; † August 15, 1944 in Berlin-Plötzensee) was a German officer who was one of the assassins of July 20, 1944.

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First page of the verdict of the People’s Court, the other defendants are Hans Georg Klamroth, Egbert Hayessen, Wolf-Heinrich von Helldorff, Adam von Trott zu Solz, and Hans Bernd von Haeften

Klamroth graduated from the Grunewald Gymnasium in Berlin in Easter 1930[1] and joined the Reichswehr in the same year. During World War II, he served as a company commander from 1939 during the war against Poland. From March 1942 he was in action on the Eastern Front as a general staff officer of the 4th Army. There he worked for the first time with Major General Hellmuth Stieff, who brought Klamroth to Berlin to the Organization Department of the Army High Command. Stieff familiarized Klamroth with the plan to overthrow Hitler. Together with First Lieutenant Albrecht von Hagen, Klamroth procured the explosives for the assassination attempt in May 1944. He also told his father-in-law and second cousin Hans Georg Klamroth about the assassination plans shortly before the attack.[2]

After the failed assassination attempt of 20 July 1944, Bernhard Klamroth was arrested by the Gestapo the following day and imprisoned in the Lehrter Straße cellular prison. In the third show trial, he was sentenced to death together with his father-in-law on August 15, 1944 by the People’s Court presided over by its president Roland Freisler.[3] The sentence against him was carried out by hanging on the same day in Plötzensee.


Klamroth was born on 20 November 1910 in Berlin, the first-born son of Walter Ludwig Klamroth (b. 1873) and his wife Marta Ida née Klönne (b. 1883). Together with his five siblings he grew up in Berlin. On 5 January 1943 he married Ursula Klamroth (* 1924; † 1981), the daughter of his second cousin, Hans Georg Klamroth. The marriage produced a son, Jörn.[4]

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