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Wappen von Belp
State: SwitzerlandSchweiz Switzerland
Canton: Canton of BernKanton Bern Bern (BE)
Management Circle: Bern-Mittellandw
BFS no: 0861i1f3f4
Zip code: 3123 Belp
3124 Belpberg
UN/LOCODE: CH BLP (without airport)
Coordinates: 604800 / 193308Coordinates 46° 53′ 27″ N, 7° 30′ 6″ E; CH1903: 604800 /193308
Height: 521 m above sea level
Height Range: 506-892 m a.s.l.
Area: 23,26 km²
Residents: i11,510 ( 31 December 2018)[1]
Population density: 495 inhabitants per km²
Parish President: Benjamin Marti (SVP)
Belp (2020)

Belp (2020)

Location of the municipality

Belp is a political municipality in the Bern-Mittelland administrative district of the canton of Bern in Switzerland.


The name Belp cannot be traced to a definite origin. In 1239 Pelpa was documented, this name is of Celtic origin and means bend, turn and refers to the place that lies on a bend of the river Gürbe. It is possible, however, that the place name originates from the Gallo-Roman Balbia, which means steep slope.[2]


Belp is located at the entrance to the Gürbe Valley, 10 km from Bern in the direction of Lake Thun. With the Aare floodplain, it has a nature reserve that is unique in Switzerland. The Bern-Belp airport is located near Belp. Despite its proximity to Bern, Belp is still a rather rural municipality.


Grave finds suggest that the Belp area was already settled around 1200 BC. First documentary mention of Belp in 1107. The church of Belp is listed for the first time in the church directory of the Lausanne diocese in 1228. The barons of Belp-Montenach resided at Hohburg Castle, built in 1125. In 1298, the barons fought alongside Fribourg against the city of Bern and were defeated in the battles of Dornbühl and Niederwangen. The barons then had to cede Belp to the city of Bern. With the fall of the old Bern in 1798, the barony of Belp also fell. In 1803 Belp became the official seat of the former district of Seftigen, whose administration was housed in Belp Castle from 1810.

Since 2009, the first Serbian Orthodox Church in Switzerland is located in Belp.[3]

Places of interest


In the 2016 municipal elections, the local parties performed as follows, with a turnout of 41.3%: SVP 32.5%, SP 25.1%, EDU 12.4%, EVP-GFL-GLP 11.1%, BDP 10.0%, FDP 9.0%.[4]

The vote shares of the parties on the occasion of the National Council elections 2019 were: SVP 32.7%, SP 16.4%, glp 9.6%, BDP 9.5%, GPS 9.0%, FDP 8.3%, EVP 5.1%, EDU (incl. DM) 3.7%, CVP 2.0%.[5]


The Belper club SHC Belpa 1107 plays in the Swiss national league for street hockey.


  • Andreas Brönnimann (* 1955), National Councillor (EDU)
  • Karl Erb (1926-2018), sports journalist and book author
  • Madeleine Graf-Rudolf (* 1957), Member of the Grand Council (Greens)
  • Joana Hählen (* 1992), ski racer
  • Rudolf Joder (* 1950), National Councillor (SVP)
  • Peter Stohler (* 1967), art historian, cultural manager and publicist

Cultural property


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