Battlefield Vietnam

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Battlefield Vietnam
Bf Vietnam.jpg
Studio DICE Canada
Publisher Electronic Arts
First publication 19. March 2004
Platform PC (Windows)
Game engine Refractor[1]
Genre First-person shooter, Tactical shooter
Theme Vietnam War
Game mode Singleplayer, Multiplayer (Internet and LAN)
Controls Mouse, keyboard, joystick (optional, better control in vehicles)
System requirements Windows 98/2000/ME/XP, 933 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, graphic card with 64 MB RAM, 1,5 GB hard disk space
Medium Three CD-ROMs
Language German
Current version 1.21
Age rating
USK ab 16 freigegeben
PEGI ab 16+ Jahren empfohlen

Battlefield Vietnam, BFV for short, is the second game in the Battlefield series. It belongs to the first-person and tactical shooter genre. The game was not programmed by Dice Sweden like Battlefield 1942, but by Dice Canada. The graphics engine of the predecessor was heavily revised, the gameplay (multiplayer game for flag points in conquest mode and co-op mode) was retained.

Due to the discontinuation of GameSpy, the online servers were shut down on June 30, 2014.[2]

Game description

The background puts the player either on the side of the North Vietnamese Army (NVA), the Vietcong, the South Vietnamese Army (SVA) or the US Army during the Vietnam War. Using authentic weapons (e.g. M16, AK-47, M14), patrol boats, vehicles and aircraft such as the M48 Patton, the Ford M151 MUTT, the Soviet T-54 tank or the Bell UH-1D, the player fights on historical battlefields such as Ia Drang Valley, the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the streets of Saigon. The maps differ from each other primarily in the difference between house combat and open-area combat. House fighting takes place mainly in Huè, as in reality. On the Khe Sanh Combat Base, on the other hand, the player is often involved in long-distance battles, sometimes with the help of helicopters or tanks.

There are in the game, as usual in Battlefield games, the single-player and multi-player mode, with the multiplayer mode in the foreground. Here, two teams compete against each other and try to capture as many command posts as possible. The side that has fewer command posts loses tickets. If a side has no more tickets, it has lost. The single player mode is structured the same way. There is no campaign in this game.

The graphics have greatly improved compared to the previous games; also, the maps are more extensive. The player is able to pick up and reuse weapons dropped by other soldiers. The vehicles have radios that can play music tracks from the 1960s and 1970s; this includes songs such as Wild Thing by The Troggs or War by Edwin Starr, which are also familiar from various popular Vietnam movies such as Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Forrest Gump or Good Morning, Vietnam. Also issued are authentic propaganda announcements from Radio Hanoi with radio host Trinh Thi Ngo. As a counterpart to the communist propaganda station, there is also a version of the American soldier station AFNV, which is called “Stars & Bars” in the game in reference to the US military newspaper Stars & Stripes.

Since the patch of December 2, 2004 the game has the version number 1.21. Official expansions do not exist.


Many mods were developed for Battlefield Vietnam, but many projects were abandoned and developed further for Battlefield 2.


The official World War II mod is included with the game and deals with the theme of the predecessor Battlefield 1942. The weapons are also from World War II; in addition, flamethrowers can be used. The mod is set in the Pacific and Japanese troops fight against troops of the USA.

BFV Arsenal

Mod BFV Arsenal brings a better gaming experience, more realism and historical accuracy to the game. This includes many new maps.

Current version: 0.50.

Eve of Destruction

The mod Eve of Destruction, EoD for short, is set in the Vietnam and Indochina wars. It contains new weapons, vehicles and maps. The actual final version: 0.15 is currently still continuing to version 0.16.

WWII Mod Extended

The mod WWII Mod Extended is a complete conversion of the Battlefield 1942 maps to Battlefield Vietnam.

Final version: 0.9.


The game’s soundtrack can be listened to in the vehicles (radio) and in the game menu. This mainly contains music from the 1960s and 1970s.[3]

  1. The Kinks – All Day and all of the Night
  2. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son
  3. Rare Earth – Get Ready
  4. Deep Purple – Hush
  5. The Bobby Fuller Four – I Fought the Law
  6. Martha & the Vandellas – Nowhere to Run
  7. Canned Heat – On the Road Again
  8. Count Five – Psychotic Reaction
  9. The Guess Who – Shakin’ All Over
  10. Jefferson Airplane – Somebody to Love
  11. The Trashmen – Surfin Bird
  12. Box Tops – The Letter
  13. Edwin Starr – War
  14. The Troggs – Wild Thing
  15. The Kinks – You Really Got Me
  16. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
  17. Budapest Symphony Orchestra – The Ride of the Valkyries

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