Battle of Schoppendamm

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Battle of Schoppendamm
Date 25. October 1351
Location near Loitz
Output Defeat of the Mecklenburgs
Conflict parties




Barnim III.

Knight Klaus Cock

Troop strength
unknown unknown



The Battle of Schoppendamm took place during the Second War of the Rügen Succession in 1351 near Loitz.

History and course

Stone ring on road Gützkow – Loitz

After the negotiations and also warlike disputes have dragged on between Mecklenburg and Pomerania since 1340, the deadline for the obligations from the Brudersdorf Peace of 1328 because of Rügen, the Danish king was appointed as mediator – in vain. Now the weapons must speak the last word. In 1351 the 2nd Rügen War of Succession began between Mecklenburg and Pomerania because of the Rügen inheritance. The Mecklenburgs moved against Loitz.

Count Johann V. of Gützkow married on 25 October 1351. Among the guests mentioned are the Behre, the Horn and the Austine. The dukes with their wives are also present at the wedding ceremony in Greifswald. Count Johann V married the baroness Gesa von Putbus, a daughter of Stoislaw III von Putbus.

During the celebration, Duke Barnim IV of Pomerania-Wolgast called his followers to battle. The Mecklenburgs wanted to entrench themselves in Loitz in the Schoppenburg, an old fortification dating back to 1326. The quickly assembled Pomeranian army was able to immediately engage the Mecklenburgs. At the head of the relief force of Duke Barnim III of Pomerania-Stettin, Count Johann V of Gützkow pursued the fleeing, almost defeated Mecklenburgs on the Schoppendamm before Loitz, but advanced too far, was surrounded and killed. The body of Count Johann IV was collected at the border of the county, the spot is still visible today with a stone ring (halfway along the road). Count Johann V of Gützkow was buried in the Grey Monastery in Greifswald. The widow Gesa went afterwards to the monastery in Bergen.

The poem “Pommerntreue” was dedicated to this battle death.

Klaus Hahn, the field captain of Duke Albrecht of Mecklenburg was wounded in the battle and then captured. By Duke Barnim III of Pomerania-Stettin the Mecklenburgs were devastatingly defeated.

As a result, the Peace of Stralsund was concluded in 1354.

Still today there is the Schoppenmühle north of Loitz in the district Schwinge, next to it the dam (old way Gützkow – Loitz).

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