Barkly Homestead

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Barkly Roadhouse on the map of the Northern Territory

The Barkly Homestead is a small settlement located 185 kilometres east of the Stuart Highway at Threeways, at the junction of the Tablelands Highway north from the Barkly Highway in the Northern Territory in Australia

Barkly Homestead is geographically located in the Barkly Tableland and administratively in the Barkly Region, Kuwarrangu Ward, and is the only supply point between Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory and Camooweal in Queensland for a distance of 460 kilometres.[1] In this settlement there is a petrol station with petrol, diesel and LPG gas, a shop and a restaurant, a motel and a camping site. The town itself can be recognized from afar by its towering water tower.

The place also has an airplane landing strip.

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Coordinates 19° 42′ 33.3″ S, 135° 49′ 36.8″ E