Aznar Sánchez (Gascogne)

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Aznar Sánchez († 836) was a count of Gascony in the early 9th century.

Aznar is occasionally equated with the Count of Aragon, Aznar I. Galíndez, equated with him.[1] However, a document dated around 835, in which he places the village of Cazaux under the Abbey of Pessan, identifies him as the son of a Sancho (Comite Azenario-Sancio).[2] Aznar is called “Count of this side Vasconia” (Asenarius quoque citerioris Wasconiae), who in 836 defected from his immediate overlord, King Pippin I of Aquitaine, and therefore died a cruel death.[3] His brother Sancho, however, was able to succeed him in Gascony, even against Pippin’s will.


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