Auzon (Ardèche)

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Unterlauf des Auzon bei völliger Trockenheit

Lower reaches of the Auzon River during complete drought

Water body identification number FR: V5020500
Location France, Département Ardèche, Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
River system Rhône
Drainage via Ardèche → Rhône → Mediterranean Sea
Source at Freyssenet
44° 41′ 4″ N, 4° 32′ 26″ E
Source Height approx. 820m[1]
Mouth at Lanas into the ArdècheCoordinates 44° 31′ 42″ N, 4° 24′ 1″ O
44° 31′ 42″ N, 4° 24′ 1″ O
Mouth height approx. 138m[1]
Height difference approx. 682 m
Bottom slope approx. 26 ‰
Length approx. 26 km[2]
Left tributaries Claduègne

The Auzon is a karst river in the Cévennes, France. It rises on the Plateau du Coiron near Freyssenet and runs in a generally southeasterly direction, flowing into the Ardèche as a left tributary after about 26 kilometres near Lanas. Most of the year the Auzon is completely dry, after heavy rainfall huge masses of water can rush through the riverbed.

Places on the river

  • Freyssenet
  • Darbres
  • Lussas
  • Lavilledieu
  • Saint-Germain
  • Lana’s

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