August Beuermann

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August Beuermann

Ludwig August Beuermann (* 14 December 1867 in Elvershausen in the West Harz; † 15 October 1930 in Hanover) was a German politician of the DVP.

Life and profession

After attending elementary school in Elvershausen, Beuermann, who was of the Protestant faith, attended the preparatory school and the teacher training seminar in Alfeld (Leine) from 1882 to 1888. After being a teacher in Sarstedt near Hanover and then at the preparatory school in Alfeld, he became a seminary teacher in Wunstorf near Hanover in 1893. In addition, he was a guest lecturer for geography, history and literature at the universities of Berlin, Jena and Nancy from 1892 to 1899. In 1907 he went to Adelnau in Posen as a district school inspector and from 1912 in the same function to Fraustadt. At Easter 1919 he moved – again as district school inspector – to Hameln.


Beuermann belonged to the Weimar National Assembly in 1919/20 as a deputy for the constituency ‘Province of Posen 8’. Subsequently he was a member of the Reichstag until December 1924. From 1924 until his death he was a member of the Landtag in Prussia.


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