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Art Thibert (2013)

Arthur “Art” Thibert is an American comic book artist.

Life and work

Thibert, who works as both a penciler and an inker, has worked in the past primarily for leading US comic book publishers, DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

For DC, he created various Superman series for a number of years, including in tandem with cartoonist Dan Jurgens. Later, he worked on series such as Time Masters, The Flash, The Outsiders and Armageddon 2001. For Marvel Comics, Thibert primarily drew various series for the X-Men label in the 1990s.

In 1989, Thibert founded Hack Shack Studios (HSS), one of the first US companies to specialize in inking drawings on behalf of comic book publishers, advertising agencies and magazines.

In addition, Thibert has created several comic book series that he has had published by commercial publishers, but for which he has reserved the copyrights for himself, such as: Chrono Mechanics, HIT and the Nightmare Files.

Away from the comic book industry, Thibert has worked as an artist for film studios and video game makers.


For his work as an ink artist, Thibert has won various awards over the years, including the Eisner Award, the Harvey Award, and the Wizard Award.