Arnold Zeiss

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Arnold Georg Zeiss (born 23 October 1928 in Munich; † 12 April 2020[1]) was a German geologist and paleontologist.

Zeiss studied in Munich, graduating with a diploma in geology in 1956. He was awarded his doctorate in the same year. After that he was an assistant in Erlangen. In 1967 he became a Privatdozent there and in 1973 a professor. He was a foreign member of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

He published a geological guide to the Nördlinger Ries and to the palaeontology of the Franconian Jurassic (ammonites).


  • with Hellmut Haunschild and Josef Theodor Groiss: Das Ries und sein Vorland, Borntraeger, Collection Geological Guides 2000

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