Arcondo-Nunatak (Grahamland)

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Location Grahamland, Antarctic Peninsula
Coordinates 66° 9′ 0″ S, 61° 9′ 0″ WCoordinates 66° 9′ 0″ S, 61° 9′ 0″ W
Arcondo-Nunatak (Grahamland) (Antarktische Halbinsel)
Arcondo-Nunatak (Grahamland)

Arcondo Nunatak(Spanish: Nunatak Arcondo) is a nunatak on the Oscar II coast of Graham Land on the Antarctic Peninsula. It rises on the shore of Scar Inlet on the Jason Peninsula.

Argentine scientists named him. It is named after Pedro Pascual Arcondo, a major in the Armed Forces of Argentina, commanding officer at Belgrano I Station between 1959 and 1961, and the first Argentine parachutist in Antarctica, who died in an accidental jump in Antarctica on 31 January 1962.

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