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By apathy(ancient Greek ἀπάθεια

“insensitivity”) is the medical term for apathy, lack of excitability and insensitivity to external stimuli.

Classification according to ICD-10
R45.3 Demoralization and apathy
ICD-10 online (WHO version 2019)

Apathy is most common in advanced dementia. The frequency varies among the different types of dementia: it is 63% in Alzheimer’s disease, 72% in vascular dementia, 57% in Lewy body dementia and 92% in frontotemporal dementia.[1]

Apathy can also occur in some mental illnesses, such as autism, anorexia nervosa, depression and schizophrenia. It also occurs as a symptom of pronounced hypothyroidism, hospitalism, frontal brain syndrome and various infectious diseases, for example, it occurs before the frenzied phase of rabies

Apathy is often associated with other symptoms, such as loss of appetite, sadness, dejection, insomnia (or sleepiness), and changes in judgment.

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