Anjui Mountains

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Anjui Mountains
Highest peak Blokhina Peak(1779 m)
Location Chukchi Autonomous Okrug (Russia)
Part of the East Siberian Highlands
Anjuigebirge (Autonomer Kreis der Tschuktschen)
Coordinates 67° 12′ N, 165° 51′ ECoordinates 67° 12′ N, 165° 51′ O

The Anjui Mountains(Russian Анюйский хребет), also Southern Anjui Mountains(Russian Южно-Анюйский хребет), is a high mountain range up to 1853 m high in the Chukchi Autonomous Okrug in northeastern Siberia and Russia (Asia).[1]

The Anjui Mountains are located east of the Kolyma River and are bordered by the Great Anjui River to the south and the Little Anjui River to the north.
The mountain range has a length of about 380 km. The highest elevation is the 1779 m high Peak Blokhina (Пик Блохина) ().
As part of the East Siberian Highlands, the Anjui Mountains border the Anadyr Plateau to the east. To the south lies the Kolyma Mountains and to the west the Kolyma Lowlands (eastern part of the East Siberian Lowlands).

The high mountains are hardly inhabited.

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