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Miltenberg courthouse, Hauptstraße 29

The Miltenberg Local Court was an independent court of ordinary jurisdiction in Miltenberg and has been a branch of the Obernburg am Main Local Court since 1973.


With the transfer of Miltenberg to the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1816, a district court of older order was established in Miltenberg in the course of the administrative reorganization of Bavaria. On the occasion of the introduction of the court constitution law on October 1, 1879, a district court was established in Miltenberg, whose district was formed from the former district court district of Miltenberg.[1]

With effect from 1 July 1925, the district court of Stadtprozelten was abolished and of its district Breitenbrunn, Dorfprozelten, Faulbach, Fechenbach, Neuenbuch, Oberaltenbuch, Reistenhausen, Stadtprozelten and Unteraltenbuch were assigned to the district court of Miltenberg.[2]
With effect from 1 May 1932, the Amorbach Local Court was also abolished and its district united with the district of the Miltenberg Local Court.[3]

The Miltenberg Local Court has been a branch of the Obernburg am Main Local Court since 1973.[4]

Court seat and district

The branch office is located in Miltenberg in Lower Franconia.

It is responsible for the municipalities of Altenbuch, Amorbach, Bürgstadt, Collenberg, Dorfprozelten, Eichenbühl, Faulbach, Großheubach, Kirchzell, Kleinheubach, Laudenbach, Miltenberg, Neunkirchen (Lower Franconia), Rüdenau, Schneeberg (Lower Franconia), Stadtprozelten and Weilbach.

The main focus of the branch office is on civil matters and criminal proceedings. Family matters, land register matters and criminal proceedings against juveniles and adolescents for offences against the Narcotics Act and all criminal proceedings before the courts of lay assessors are heard by Obernburg am Main Local Court. Insolvency and compulsory auction proceedings as well as commercial and association register matters from the district of Obernburg Local Court are dealt with at Aschaffenburg Local Court. For dunning proceedings, the Coburg Local Court is responsible as the central dunning court.


The Miltenberg branch is located at Hauptstraße 29. The former customs house was an inn at the beginning of the 19th century and a court since 1862. It is a three-storey mansard hipped-roof building with plaster masonry with ashlar elements and a gable decorated with coats of arms above the central axis. The baroque style dates from 1779, with a neo-baroque addition around 1900.

Superior courts

The district court in Miltenberg is subordinate to the district court in Aschaffenburg. The competent higher regional court is the Bamberg Higher Regional Court.

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