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Amanda (* 1983 in Berlin; civil name Amanda Murray; also known as She-Raw) is a German rapper from Berlin.


Amanda Murray was born in Berlin in 1983 as the daughter of a Berliner and a US-American and grew up in Berlin-Friedenau. At the age of eight she was already writing poems and stories, which were later set to music. Inspired and motivated by her mother, who is a singer, and her father, who is also artistically inclined, she first began to play alto saxophone successfully in the school orchestra at the John F. Kennedy School. When she was about twelve years old, she began self-taught guitar playing to accompany herself on the guitar. Her first compositions and lyrics relate to She-Raw’s immediate world and reflect experiences of herself and others.
In 2002 she met DJ Versatile and became active in the Berlin hip-hop underground scene. In 2005 her first solo album “Beauty and the Beats” was released on the label Main Theme Records.

She-Raw also had a daily radio show on the Berlin radio station Kiss FM. There she hosted the “She-Raw-Show” on weekdays between 2 and 6 pm.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
EN 99 30.06.2017 (1 wk.)
Blue (feat. Sido)
EN 30



16.06.2017 (20 Wo.)


  • 2005: Beauty and the Beats
  • 2017: Carousel (as Amanda)


  • 2004: Code:Rap (Sampler)
  • 2005: 41 Karat (Serk, She-Raw & Amun)
  • 2005: No way too far (Serk, She-Raw & Amun)
  • 2007: Fame Convention (Sampler with : Serk, She-Raw, Dabeat, Zwang, Dj Versatile, Schampus One)


  • 2011: Sheesy On Fire Vol1


  • 2005: Juice Explosive (with Serk MC)(Juice Exclusive! on Juice-CD #55)
  • 2009: Let Me R.I.P.. (I.G.O.R. feat. KB da Kidnappa & K-Rino & She-Raw & Julian King)
  • 2012: Forget It (On Seeed’s Augenbling Riddim)
  • 2013: Ein Atze kommt selten allein (with Frauenarzt, Manny Marc, Fler, Smoky, Vapeilas, Major McFly, Kid Millennium, MC Bogy, Medizin Mann, MC Basstard, Blokkmonsta, King Orgasmus One, Prinz Pi, Serk and DJ Reckless)(Juice Exclusive! on Juice-CD #115)


  • 2016: I can not sleep
  • 2017: My wife
  • 2017: Blue (featuring Sido)
  • 2017: As it is
  • 2018: Steps
  • 2020: Everything I want to see
  • 2021: Day X

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